Terms & Conditions

Eyecon Moments Terms and conditions

We hereby outline our terms and conditions, it will be assumed that this has been read and agreed upon if there is a signature on the footer of the document.

Eyecon Moments will take due care in delivering the product to a professional standard. We will give the customer two free opportunities to request specific changes in the final production. Any further enhancements will cost a minimum of £100 each. Changes should be clearly substantiated in writing no later than 30 days after the first submission.

The film crew will be present at the specified times, and the rate has been negotiated to reflect this. In the eventuality of extra time required there will be a charge of £95 per hour or part thereof. By signing the agreement, you are giving prior authorisation to the requirement of additional time, for each and every event booked for. This sum will be added to the invoice and payment will be required prior to delivery of footage.

The customer is responsible for taking adequate care in outlining a specific location of the event. Should the customer change the location, we must be notified in due time.  Additional charges may be incurred dependant on location.

The client is responsible for specifying soundtracks prior to the editing process. The clients take responsibility in selecting soundtracks which are compliant with relevant Copyright legislation. The Customer must outline “must have shots” to the team, Eyecon Moments will aim to capture them.   

We do not hold responsibility for organising the event. We will capture events on a candid basis. Should you have scenes you wish to include, they should be specified in writing and we will do our best to accommodate.

Eyecon takes no responsibility for restrictive venue lighting. You are expected to discuss light flicker rates in accordance with EU standards prior to shooting.

Eyecon will endeavour to colour grade videos to a “true to life” standard. We are not responsible for airbrushing make up on clientele.

Eyecon would greatly benefit from a well organised event. Itineraries should be provided two weeks prior to the event, agreed and adhered to. Should essential aspects of the event start without prior notification, we will try to accommodate but not take responsibility if it is missed.

The customer is expected to provide the contact details of the photographer, event planner and other members of the production team so that we may liaise with them.

We will endeavour to take precautionary measures to arrive at an event on time. If there are traffic delays, we will try our best to accommodate, but cannot be held responsible for this.

If during a shoot the health and safety of our staff is compromised, then we have the right to refuse continuation on that shoot.

If our staff have an accident in the workplace and we cannot continue this will be agreed by the client and the ourselves. If the fault is with ourselves, we will arrange another day or reimburse the full money’s of the event.

We will take appropriate measures to back up the footage. This will include a raid backup system. Should there be an issue with the loss of footage icon will reimburse the money paid for the video.

The customer takes responsibility for ensuring they have outlined the correct number of guests at the event. Should there be a substantial number of additional guests, Eyecon Moments reserves the right to refuse proceedings.

The customer will be responsible for additional charges incurred such as parking, toll roads etc.

Eyecon will take measures to ensure the production is completed in a timely manner. Under no circumstances do we formally outline production completion dates unless we outline it in writing.

We will not shoot in rain or in conditions which are detrimental to health and safety of staff and/ or the equipment.

It is understood that all footage remains the copyright of Eyecon Moments, as per relevant Copyright Acts. Any unauthorised copying of footage will be an infringement of the act. We reserve the right to share / promote our works on public domains unless stated otherwise in writing.

Upon signature, the company, Eyecon Moments reserves the time and date agreed upon. For this reason, all booking fees are non-refundable, even if the event is cancelled or postponed for any reason.

Eyecon Moments cannot be held responsible for any unsatisfactory results caused by limited time constraints, changes in schedules, due to weather, or uncooperative subjects.

Late payments or requests to pay balance after wedding day will incur a 20% surcharge.